Work Abroad & Travel

Getting Started on Your Plan to Work Abroad and Travel

The idea of work and travel is an exciting one but it does take some thought and planning, particularly if its your first time on such a trip. Knowing where to start once you have made your decision to pack is often the hardest part and in order to really get going you need do some thorough research and then make some hard decisions.

Work Abroad


When it comes to combining work and travel you really need to gain a good understanding of the companies and organization out there and the kind of work that is available in different countries. Try to look for both the pros and cons of each place including the hours you would be expected to work, what you are provided with exchange and whether there are any minimum lengths of time that you are expected to stay. Regarding the country consider whether or not is a place you have an interest in visiting and whether there will be any visa restrictions.

Decision Making

Once you have compiled a list of potential places that combine both a country that you want to visit and work that you are willing to get involved with, it is time to start making some tough decisions. As soon as you have chosen a location you get into the more detailed planning.

Work Exchange

Consider Work Exchange and See the World On a Budget

Seeing the world is something that many of us dream about but if there is one thing that is bound to get in the way, it is normally money. However travelling doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might have thought and so long you are prepared to put it some effort and hard graft whilst you’re embracing the different cultures of the world, there is no reason why anyone cant travel successfully on a budget. The key is to some prior research and preparation regarding options for work exchange.

work exchange

The exchange part and the part that can help you to save quite considerably is that you provide some kind of service in return for accommodation and sometimes also food. The most seasoned of travellers will be able to tell you that forking out for a decent bed and roof over your head is where a large portion of your budget get gobbled up. The great thing about work exchange is you can plan it advance or on the spur of the moment when you arrive somewhere and you can stay there for as long you feel necessary. As soon as your ready to discover the next place, pack your bags and move on.

The Types of Jobs Suited to Work and Travel

Working whilst you travel is the ideal way to make your money go a little further and your trip last a little longer. Whilst some jobs will pay cash for your service others offer accommodation or food as the form of payment. Eliminating your accommodation expenses will seriously reduce your expenditures and with a little advanced planning could enable you to see far more places and spend longer really exploring each one.

There are a large variety of jobs that perfectly suited to people intending to work and travel and the one that will be most appropriate to you will depend on the country or countries that you intend to visit and how long you are planning to stay in each one. For longer-term work teaching English is a great option and there is also childcare, call center work and hospitality jobs. For shorter term stays there is seasonal work, which can include farm work and fruit picking or construction based jobs where you could work for as long as the project takes. It all depends on the skills you have to offer and the type of work in which you are ready to get involved.

Volunteer exchange

Have you ever thought of joining a Volunteer exchange program abroad?

Soon we will be offering various Volunteer exchange programs to choose from where you can volunteer on organic farms, beach resorts, hotels, Detox retreats in Thailand or help a diving school in the Caribbean.

volunteer exchange

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The Types of Volunteering Available to All

Volunteering can be a fantastic and often once in a lifetime experience. There are loads of options and choices regarding the type of work that you volunteer to get involved with as well as the country in which you choose to go. Different types of volunteer work will call out to different people depending on their interests, skills and what they intend to give and to take away from the experience. Other factors that may influence the decision include the time that you are willing to give to your volunteer work and whether you have any specialist skills that be utilized for something beneficial.

Skill based volunteering generally refers to areas in which there is a need for medically trained individuals, educators and emergency services personnel. However there is still plenty of volunteer work that can be done by people who not have specific training. Examples include work in schools and orphanages, either as teachers or simply carers. Teaching can include just about any subject from maths to IT and depending on the country there may be a focus on English language. There are also opportunities to work within construction, conservation and community development as a short or long term volunteer.

Tips For Avoiding Volunteering Pitfalls

Volunteer work is something that everyone should consider doing for a period of time at some point in his or her life and more and more people are choosing to do so. For many people it is an invaluable experience that allows them to grow and develop as a person and more importantly they are able to help to support or develop a community in some way. However, organizing volunteer work that fulfills all of your expectations can sometimes be complex and there are a number of pitfalls that must be avoided.

Be Wary of “Voluntourism”

Voluntourism is a term that has been used to describe volunteer work that is done as more of a side thought whilst individuals are treated like tourists and given guided tours of the sights and attractions of the area. For some this is the ideal combination but for others it is an expensive way of travelling without giving an awful lot back to the community.

Perform Relevant Research

In order to find the best volunteer opportunities, you will have to conduct some personal research. Tailor it to your interest and search for organizations that have received good reviews from people who were previously in your shoes.

Work abroad & Volunteer exchange

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Work Abroad

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volunteer exchange

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Sacred Tours

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